IT Outsourcing

Nowadays, many IT departments in most offices are faced with challenges associated to do with the delivery of quality services to their various staff/customers in-house and on the field.
With increasing pressure to make these services available, it has become necessary for IT departments to scale-up their contribution into the business.

Some of these challenges include but not limited to:

  • Personnel training and development
  • Reducing IT Operating cost down across various operations of the organization
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer’ (OEM) liaison and management

Our value proposition is to partner with clients in the delivery of quality support services using proven service management methodology and to ensure that such service is given at most reduced budget hence supporting the IT unit on its quick ROI

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Ouranos is offering to provide these services through its “Managed Services” solution. Our Support Service embraces IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology in Service Management and our core objective is to serve as a virtual

extension of Client’s IT Department bearing in mind the need to

  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Increase Client IT staff availability
  • Improve IT personnel services
  • Managed IT environment with predictable monthly fee
  • Access to highly skilled technical resources
  • Manage Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) – Vendor relationship more effectively
  • Free-up Core IT staff to manage more complex issues
  • Ability to meet Service Level Agreement commitments