Ouranos Nigeria’s Datacentre Solutions recognize that every industry and every client has its own unique requirements and we strive to craft customer-driven solutions to meet those unique needs. Our datacentre team takes great pride in listening and learning before offering specific solutions.


Ouranos offers a wide range of DMS solutions that provide clients the benefits of visually managing their datacenter efficiently and effectively with an opportunity to optimize their DC facilities.

  • Measurement of airflow and temperature in a production environment, providing real- time, color-coded visibility into a datacenter operating environment.
  • Graphical displays in form of maps that can show the distribution of temperature, humidity and pressure within the datacenter. Each specific map helps identify areas of overcooling, humidity throughout the facility, and pressure differential between raised floor spaces and air delivery channels.
  • With branch circuit monitoring, operators can monitor power usage, equipment provisioning and capacity planning.
  • Allows smooth convergence between IT managers and facility managers. The IT manager can efficiently manage their IT resources within the datacenter and perhaps


In today’s Internet world, the need to manage datacenters from remote locations have become more imperative than the need to manage these datacenter resources locally. DC operators can have remote access to resources within the DC quickly and effectively. These resources can include servers, networking devices, PDUs, cooling systems, storage devices and other mission- critical equipment.

  • Provide a central point with a single interface where issues with datacenter elements can be timely resolved.
  • Reduces downtime’s within the datacenter by enabling quick access to possible failed elements in the datacenter from a remote location.
  • Integrate easily with existing system and network access control systems and protocols like LDAP, AD, Radius, TACACS+ etc. providing an additional protection for datacenter elements.
  • Integrated audit logging and reporting capability allows for effective monitoring of daily activities within the datacenter.


Infrastructure cabling forms the very basic foundation for most IT networks, and hence forms the core on which all other IT business related matters depend. Thus, a well-designed, installed, and administered cabling infrastructure will not only assist organizations reduce costs through each phase of the structured cabling lifecycle-installation, moves, adds, and modify- but will also improve productive hours of employees through reduced network downtime’s, which in turn will translate to customers having confidence in the ability of the organizations to deliver quality and highly-available services.

At Ouranos Nigeria, we specialize in the design, installation and support of communications cabling and networking systems. We adopt the most cost-effective approach in design and installation of cabling infrastructure solutions for large and complex communications networks.
Our cabling infrastructure solutions are fashioned to meet our customers’ fast-paced and ever-changing requirements, and thus ensuring our customers get excellence around every lifecycle process of the solution.