Today’s IT world demands that organizations provide their employees with much more flexible communications channels other the traditional voice and data. IT professionals need to communicate with one another irrespective of their locations.


Leveraging on our partnership with industry leaders in unified communication solutions Ouranos can assist organizations not only to consolidate all the available communication media within their IT environment but also ensure that these communication media are seamlessly integrated with existing business collaboration applications use by employees in the organization for day-to-day activities. In some other cases where a customer does not have any form of unified communications solutions, we are able to work with the customer to profile unified communication solutions that will suite the customer’s business processes in such a manner that will ensure tremendous cost savings, fit to budget, improve operational effectiveness and communication efficiency .

  • We focus our expertise and energy primarily towards ensuring that our customers get the expected value for using our unified communication solution.
  • Tremendous cost savings with increased communication channels
  • Improve employee productivity by providing multiple but consolidated channels of communications
  • Guaranteed investment protection in existing IT communication infrastructures with possibility of additional functionalities
  • Provide hitch-free mobility, secure, convenience, affordable, and flexible means for employees in an organization to communicate while in the office or out of office
  • Provide real-time or near-to human experience in communication among employees in an organization.
  • Bring video conferencing and virtual contact center experience to the desktop.
  • Eliminate the communication barriers that may result from employees working in different geographical locations.


Ouranos offers a comprehensive portfolio of storage solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. Our storage area network (SAN) solution offer our customers the opportunity of having the right SAN components-switches, storage software, services and solutions-that best meet their storage needs. With vast support from our partners in the storage business, we provide our customers with storage solutions that are very cost-effective, flexible, reliable, scalable, easy-to-manage, and simple to implement.


At Ouranos, we help organization build intelligent networks that can enable them provide quality and reliable services to their customers. Over the past years, we have built expertise in the design, implementation, management, maintenance, and optimization of highly-redundant campus LAN networks for large enterprises, and high-performance switch network for small and large datacenters. Our LAN/WAN solutions are designed such that they provide the required level of flexibility, scalability, intelligence, redundancy, availability, usability, reach-ability, reliability, robustness, and self-healing capabilities to support the growing number of servers, desktops, and offices in organizations.

We use a phase approach in the design, implementation, and optimization of our customer networks. We also provide our customers with set of configuration templates for each network device used in the customer network. In addition, we specialize in providing detailed documentation on how each element on the network are interconnected and configured. An important aspect of our LAN/WAN solutions is that they are often designed to allow customers do technology upgrades or refreshes while minimizing the risk of service downtime, and possibly revenue loss.


Our network management solutions help organizations optimize the operation and management of their networks. It focus on the strengths of Internet-based architectures for greater accessibility and simplification of the tasks and processes that help customers prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize their IT networks. We assist our customers to achieve this by ensuring we use products that are manufactured by leading players in each identified area of IT network management needs.

For our large enterprise customers and some medium enterprise customers, we ensure we select the right combination of solutions to meet all their IT network management needs using well- integrated solutions.

  • Fault Management-monitoring, fault detection, reporting and escalation
  • Configuration Management-monitoring, change detection, reporting and escalation
  • Account Management-monitoring, logging, reporting and escalation
  • Performance Management-monitoring, tuning, optimizing, reporting and escalation
  • Security Management-monitoring, reporting and escalation


Ouranos offers a wide range of intelligent, robust and highly-secured wireless solutions for small, medium and large enterprise. Our wireless solutions are designed with intelligent roaming capabilities enabling employees move around the office with little or no degradation in access to network resources.   

We design and implement wireless solutions that can support quality voice, video, data, and audio within and outside the office. We also partner with operators of mobile telecommunication services to extend the reach of our wireless solutions to individual homes at an affordable cost. 

Our wireless solutions offer the following benefits to prospective customers:

  • Enable mobile workers to deliver on business targets without comprising response times to critical customer issues.
  • Enable freedom, fast roaming, and highly-secure with constant data access to critical resources in the enterprise while in the offices, meeting rooms, or any location within the office.