The idea of organizations of having to choose security vendors and product on cost and ease of use has not only caused many organizations severe loss much more than what it would have cost them if security vendors and products were selected based on modern trends of security attacks, organization much for it to start considering modern security requirement.

Network Protection

We offer a wide range of solutions that can help organization provide the right level of security for all entry points to their network. We will help you fortify your network perimeter, handle secure VPN connections, identity and access management, DDoS mitigation, web protection, email protection, Advanced Threat Protection, IPS, Next Generation Firewall, Sandboxing, Centralized Reporting, QoS, bandwidth Management, Link Management, Web Application Firewall, Server load balancing, Virtualization, Wireless Networks and Managed Security Services.

EndPoint Protection

We use the most cost-effective, vendor-neutral approach in selecting the best endpoint system security solutions for our Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux customers to ensure we protect you from all variants of malware including ransom-ware, adware, viruses, trojans, worms, spyware and memory-resident file-less attacks. Our solutions will protect you from zero-day attacks as they focus on addressing vulnerabilities, blocking exploit kits and monitoring behavior of users and processes on your endpoints. We also protect your mobile devices for IoS and Android and ensure your BYOD policies are safe and efficient.

Data loss/leakage Protection and Encryption

We can help you prevent unauthorized copy or electronic transfer of sensitive information from leaving the organization via email or through the use of external drives. We also provide encryption solutions to reduce the occurrence of accidental data loss and theft. We offer disk encryption and file/application encryption with easy management and single-sign on for seamless integration with your existing authentication methods.

End-user Security Awareness Training

Users are always the weakest link. As the first line of defense, we help you drill your users to ensure that IT security policies are well understood across the organization and users are alert to security trends and tricks and are reporting suspicious activities to the IT Security team.

Physical Security

We provide a wide range of network-centric solutions in IP cameras, video surveillance, electronic access control, and emerging technologies that support voice, data, and physical security in one modular solution.


We provide solutions that enhance voice, video, app and IM communications. We are skilled in integrating best-of-breed solutions to bring you the best of audio-visual collaboration and messaging including unified communications, VoIP, video conferencing, recording, triple-play, telepresence and distance learning and video broadcasting/streaming.