Today’s challenging business environments demand business managers to be innovative in their service offerings. Such innovations cannot happen when business managers are burden with the day-to-day running of their non-core activities. Ouranos managed outsourcing services help business owners concentrate on their core competencies and revenue generating activities while Ouranos manage outsourcing team manage the technology efficiently, effectively and reliably. We consider your IT department as ours and thus we ensure that your IT is not only run efficiently but also has what it takes to support the core business-dependent processes and activities.


Ouranos delivers a complete messaging and collaboration solutions-including design, implementation, migration, integration and ongoing management-to help organizations consolidate their communication needs for achieving set business objectives and goals.

Our experience in many enterprise messaging and collaboration solution portfolios and many others enable us deliver rich messaging and collaboration features at very affordable rates. If investing in the latest technology is a challenge to the business, then rely on Ouranos to provide you the newest technology in messaging and collaboration solution portfolios with little or no business risk, great improvement on company’s productivity, efficiency and security.


Our software development solution helps organizations achieve their pressing business needs at minimal cost with improved business performance, effectiveness, and productivity.

At Ouranos, we understand the importance of having to automate most business process and the need to build software solutions around core business strategies and goals. Thus, for us excellence in any software development project means building a software that help organizations attain set business objectives, improve their customer delivery service, and provide greater opportunities for growth.


Through exclusive partnership, Ouranos provides scalable and affordable end-to-end hardware and software solutions in the customer registration and transaction space and are able to integrate our technology into  existing  business  systems.  Our  solution  was  the driving force behind the successful SIM registration of over 48 million customers in South Africa. We also have extensive experience further afield – in other African countries and the Pacific Rim.

We offer a wide range of business applications for small, medium and large enterprises. Our range of solutions include but not limited to the following:

  • Software Development
  • Solution
  • Information Resource
  • Management Solutions