Security Intelligence

We focus on implementing configurations in the best interest of the customer, proactively, so that devices are always providing maximum protection and surveillance.

Business Services

We recognize that the ability to clearly identify the value associated with investments is becoming a top priority for many clients, and we, therefore, focus on Business Case Development, Due Diligence and Portfolio Management.

Security Awareness

Our Security awareness training will pay off by training clients on what they can do to prevent malicious activity and what to do in the event of such activity.

IT Infrastructure

This service provides on-site resources that will manage and maintain the client’s ICT  infrastructure.

Remote Access

Remote support speeds up solutions, with our support staff able to act as soon as a customer calls up with a problem.

IT Optimization

Our Optimization services specialists specialize in efficiently and effectively aligning Information Technology to our clients’ operating environment and needs.

IT Security Should be easy.We'll show you how


Ouranos Technologies (Ouranos) has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in delivering IT  infrastructure services and solutions to clients in West Africa and beyond.

At Ouranos, we design, build and provide solutions for business applications and core infrastructure including systems and storage, datacenters and enterprise wide communication and networking.


We understand our customers and their security challenges better, and deliver solutions that meet their business purposes.

We have unique solutions for various sectors. We operate in the Telecoms, Manufacturing, Financial, Government/Public sector.

We are trustworthy people. Our colleagues, customers and other members in our ecosystem know us as honest, reliable and responsible partners

Our Major Industries


Financial services firm needs a robust security defense program so it can improve risk management and satisfy compliance requirements.


 We assist Telecommunications industry with top notch security solutions for smooth running of their businesses.


 Our expertise can help identify manufacturing facility threats and develop end-to-end security solutions that enhance the safety, security and productivity